Minimum expectations to become a franchisee?

1. Minimum 5 years of management experience in the restaurant and/or service industry

2. Full-time commitment

3. Strong interest and passion in the brand

4. Ability to invest between £320,000 – £450,000

What does it cost?

1. Average Set Up Cost per Store :

  • £200,000 to £250,000

2. Franchise Fee :

  • £15,000 – £30,000
  • 10 Years
  • (Depending on the shop size)

3. Master Franchising :

  • Fee £350,000 – £1,000,000 
  • 10 Years
  • (Depending on area, population and branches)

How will we help you ?

  1. Franchisee Management Training (2-4 weeks) In Dubai.
  2. Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures & Training Manuals.
  3. Full Transfer of Know How & Knowledge.
  4. Supply of Proprietary Branded Packaging & Consumables.
  5. Complete Sourcing & Supply Chain Support.
  6. IT Support (excluding monthly subscriptions or cost of hardware).
    • POS Solution.
    • Inventory Management Software & Integration with POS System.
    • Financial Management Software solutions with integration with the Inventory Management Software.
    • Hardware Specifications.
    • Online Home Delivery Solution. Integrated with the POS.
  7. Social Media, Graphic Design, Digital & Online Marketing Support.
  8. Restaurant Design and Construction Supervision.
  9. Financial Feasibility Study.


Why Us?

We, at Chicken Cottage, have a proven track record in the fast food industry. We have established ourselves as one of the pioneers in the fast food chicken segment in the UK and we are now focused on international development.

One thing that we can establish is that people have to eat. However, to be successful in this industry one has to offer what the customer wants and therefore be (a) approachable (b) accessible and (c) affordable. Chicken Cottage is a great choice for the mass market consumer base and you seriously cannot go wrong with chicken as this is the No. 1 consumed protein globally.

The public demands value for money and quality and at Chicken Cottage we not only meet but exceed these demands. We constantly strive to rise above the traditional ‘fast food joint’ image to evoke a more discerning dining experience in both our product offering, the ambience of the venue, value for money and overall guest experience.

Our proven franchise model ensures that franchisees do not have to learn the hard way and start from scratch as we have already done the hard work to establish a sustainable and profitable business model.

Over the last 30+ years we have developed a strong and positive brand identity, and this has raised the company profile and established a sustainable long-term presence in an increasingly competitive market. Our success is demonstrated by the company’s substantial profit margin capabilities thus ensuring a serious return for your investment if you decide to join this business.

Why the Fast Food Industry?

It is recognized that our sector of the food industry is ‘bucking the trend’ and reporting a healthy growth rate despite the challenging financial times that we face today. Unlike many other types of restaurant franchises our business model is relatively simple to operate and straight forward to set up and we provide you with all the tools to succeed.

Since eating food is a necessity, the fast food industry is a lucrative business and one that will always generate a profitable income. It attracts individuals from all walks of life, whether it is the young, the old, students, or a treat for the whole family. The fast food segment is recognized as an important option for the mass market in terms of price point, speed of service, quality and convenience.

What is the USP for Chicken Cottage compared to the competition?
  1. We only use Fresh, Grade A, Hormone & Antibiotic Free Chicken. Today’s educated consumer wants value for money but they too want quality and this is where we stand out amongst the crowd in terms of quality.  We do not use any frozen protein including the nuggets and strips which are all breaded to order using fresh chicken breast.  We have little or no competition in this space.
  2. We have an extensive grilled chicken component which gives our menu diversity, choice and accessibility to the consumer. Today, our sales of grilled chicken represent 60% of our sales mix and this is a great indication of what the consumer wants. By offering both fried and grilled chicken we give our customers many options to choose from.  In fact, we have over 50 menu options and the grilled chicken offering is extensive including grilled chicken pieces, grilled chicken wraps, grilled chicken wings, grilled chicken burgers, grilled chicken with and grilled chicken on a salad.  We have little or no competition in this space.  
  3. Our business model is home delivery driven. Today, more than ever, consumers are looking for convenience as well as value for money and at Chicken Cottage, we have developed a comprehensive home delivery model including our own online ordering portal which gives back loyalty points to customers for each transaction made online. Additionally, we partner with all the usual delivery aggregators.  
  4. Since we are home delivery driven we do not require large real estate which puts a huge burden on managing rental costs.  Additionally having a smaller footprint means lower manpower overheads and therefore putting less pressure on breakeven.  Chicken Cottage works very well in high density residential and commercial areas and doesn’t have to be situated in expensive high street or mall spaces.  Being in a mall also has restrictions in terms of operating hours especially with our home delivery model where we generally operate until the early hours of the morning.
  5. It’s all about the taste!  As our tagline states, we stand out with our quality and flavour profile which is unique and appeals to the Western, Middle Eastern and Asian palate.  We do not compromise on quality with all the ingredients that we use.  Whilst we may be fast food we are not junk food and the value for money proposition driven by quality and an accessible price point give us a winning formula.
How much upfront investment would be required to operate a Chicken Cottage?

For an estimated upfront investment of between £200,000 – £250,000 you can setup a Chicken Cottage franchise unit depending on its size. This would include and not limited to design fees, shop fitting, signage, kitchen equipment, furniture, IT, working capital, marketing fund and pre-operating expenses.

What ongoing support do you offer?
  • Franchisee Management Training (2-4 weeks) In Dubai.
  • Comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures & Training Manuals.
  • Full Transfer of Know How & Knowledge.
  • Supply of Proprietary Branded Packaging & Consumables.
  • Complete Sourcing & Supply Chain Support.
  • IT Support (excluding monthly subscriptions or cost of hardware).
    • POS Solution.
    • Inventory Management Software & Integration with POS System.
    • Financial Management Software solutions with integration with the Inventory Management Software.
    • Hardware Specifications.
    • Online Home Delivery Solution. Integrated with the POS.
  • Social Media, Graphic Design, Digital & Online Marketing Support.
  • Restaurant Design and Construction Supervision.
  • Financial Feasibility Study.
How much work is involved for me?

As with any business the initial and ongoing commitment that you devote is paramount to the business succeeding. This is a full time job and therefore one must be realistic as to ones level of commitment to ensure that the business succeeds. We will provide you with the tools and ongoing support however you will need to be committed, dedicated and passionate for the business.

How are your existing franchisees holding up in the turbulent financial climate that we witness today?

People still want to eat out and since we offer a value for money proposition we generally appeal to the mass market. Additionally, we offer an extensive menu which includes a grilled chicken offering which complements our core fried chicken menu. Chicken is the No. 1 consumed protein in the world so we know that we meet the majority of dietary and religious beliefs. In terms of support for our franchisees we are constantly developing strategies and introducing ways that our franchisees can maximize their profits and stay ahead of the game.

How do you intend to keep up with the momentum?

Chicken Cottage invests heavily in research, development and marketing. Therefore, both management and franchisees share the costs as well as the rewards and benefits. These economies of scale reflect on all our balance sheets. By anticipating customers’ real needs and reacting to an evolving society we have seen a rapid growth in the number or our restaurants (and, therefore, our business) around the world.

Does a franchisee tend to employ a manager to run the outlet?

We encourage our franchisees to be involved in the operations whether managing the outlet directly or employing a manager to run the operations on their behalf. Without discrediting an employed managers role nothing can replace the loyalty, commitment, dedication and sense of ownership that an owner operator would have over a manager running the outlet on the franchisees behalf.

What training will I receive?

We will provide a minimum 2-4 weeks training at our flagship store in Dubai.

Other than the core hands-on training we also provide additional training for and not limited to the following:

  • P&L Reports
  • Admin
  • Menu
  • Point of Sale Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Financial Management Software
  • Home Delivery Module
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Food Safety
Who makes a great Chicken Cottage franchisee?

Someone who has a passion for the restaurant industry

Someone who is quality driven

Someone that is flexible and willing to learn

Someone that is committed to the Chicken Cottage brand

We are looking for locations that meet the following criteria:

Size: 750 – 1,800 sq. ft

Ceiling Height: 4-5m

Location: Food Court, Standalone, High Street, Strip Mall.

Areas:  High Street, Mall, Strip Mall & Food Court.  

Parking: Off-street Parking for Standalone Locations.        

Power: 80 KW

Exhaust: 8,000 CFM

Fresh Air: 6,500 CFM

Chilled Water: 1.5 L/S

Water Pressure: 2 Bar

Gas Pressure: 37 Mill Bars

Our New Look

New Look, Site & Building Design

Our designs always present CHICKEN COTTAGE in a fresh, vibrant and spirited way. Now our interiors are set to provide customers with the same in-store experience. These high quality interior and exterior finishes meet global standards to make the restaurants a second home to all.

Better Ambiance

As the CHICKEN COTTAGE business evolves with new menus, superior operations and new offerings, it is important to make customers aware of the changes. A new building design is one of the keys to communicating this.

Building Materials

Traditional cottage building is the inspiration to the new concept of CHICKEN COTTAGE restaurants. Timber and straw are integrated as the main features of the building to create the ‘closer to nature and home’ feelings for the diners.

Interior Design

The new look Dining Zone is furnished with a variety of modern seats for a more relaxed meal time experience. The ambience is defined with lighting, featured screens and ceilings. This fresh and vibrant interior offers a place cosy enough for one and relaxing surrounding for the whole family.

Primary Graphics

Primary graphics are always used in a pallet, and placed on a dominant wall where it will be the focus of attention. The graphics, when appropriately used can help define zones and produce maximum effect.

Secondary Graphics

Secondary graphics are also being used in a pallet. They are used to compliment the primary graphics, and inject colours into the environment.

Planning & Zoning

Service Area

We first establish the appropriate paths of travel to the ordering counter, pick-up counter, and dining area. We defined the queuing clearance area in front of the ordering counter to be 2100mm and 1500mm to the pick-up counter. However, the clearance may vary to suit customer volume.

Dining Area

To the rear of the dining area, we have further divided the space by separating areas from the main counter and queuing zones. The intention is to create variation in the seating types and styles of dining for the customers to choose from.

Special Area

Also known as the cosy area. It is created to give a pleasant and warmth feeling to the customers. With lounge type seating, special area creates comfortable and relaxing environment to suit the customer’s need.

Family Area

As a primary family space, it often serves multiple functions, casual and informal. It is a place suitable for family or group gathering.

Outdoor Dining Area

The outdoor area is important to most markets (depending on the climate). It should be an extension of the dining space and have the same attention given to the seating variation as well as zoning. As an outdoor space, it should be furnished with timber finishing and creative use of plants, to enhance the natural environment.

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